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Explore the map of animal parks and aquariums in France

  • Navigate intuitively on a dynamic map.
  • Find your Zoo or Aquarium quickly by browsing the map.
  • Access contact information and the park's website.
  • Filtering by type of animal park, by region, by department, by altitude.
Map of Zoos and Aquariums in France

Discover the map of Covid-19 vaccination centres

  • All the places offering vaccination at a glance on an interactive map.
  • Discover the centres around you, and their opening hours.
  • Search centers by region, by department, by city.
  • A map built from government data.
  • A multi-daily update of the map, for reliable information.
Map of COVID-19 vaccination centres

  • All sites open to the public to perform an RT-PCR virological test.
  • Discover the sites around you, their contact details and their opening hours.
  • A map built from government data, available at data.gouv.fr
  • An update of the map every hour, for automatic integration of new sites.
Map of PCR sampling sites
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